Count is a bridge book available now on Amazon paper back $12, and e-book version $2.99.

What is the point count in the bridge hand below?
The answer is discovered in this book:)

Counting is central to your bridge game.  Whether you are starting out or upgrading your skill level, this book is written for the novice player.   Focus is on 3 major topics or paths for counting points, i.e.:  the Player’s Hand, the Auction, and the Dummy’s Hand.  Some basic knowledge of bridge is required to understand practice hands and quizzes.  It all starts with Aces = 4 points, Kings =3 points, Queens = 2 points, Jacks = 1 point.

Distributional Points:  Count Short Suits:

Void = 3    Singleton = 2    Doubleton = 1

Your Super Power should be Counting points. 

With it, you can expect everything:)

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