Bid Whist Hand w/Kitty

New Hand

The hand above is displaying how a player would form the new hand.  In a way, it’s like poker where you start off with one group of cards, the kitty allows improvement of the original hand.

Oh Yeah, Final Bid … 5 Low in Diamonds.  Remember to count Trumps as each card is played including Jokers.

Losers or missing winners:  Big Joker, ACE & Deuce of Clubs

Play of the hand begins by leading trump until the Big Joker falls.   Just like in other games of luck, your partner might have one of your losers.  Also, there’s a chance for the ACE and Deuce of Clubs falling on the same book.

Front Page

NoTrump Theater

In the hand above, some would push the bid all the way to 5 NT.  Although the bid is quite a stretch, again Poker rears it’s ugly head.   One chance to bluff your way into the winning circle, player pitches a low Diamond in hopes for a return play from partner. (The bet is your partner has Diamond King.) With no Jokers to worry about, and with a return Diamond play, player can tear up everybody’s hand running the hell out of Diamonds. The Ace in the hole is your big Spade card.  Keep it locked.  When player switch suits, the top Clubs are ready to fall.  Let’s count the remaining cards_6.  By building the infrastructure, player has set up a squeeze.  Only 6 cards represent 3 un-played suits.  You have 2 possible winners ( Spade Ace & Club King).  Key point is to find 2 more from 4 cards.  The opposition has to find a way to protect their best card winners.  Your gamble is to show strength (Diamonds) and hide weakness (no Hearts & missing Club Ace).  If you can get back in/with a Club, game over.  Counting is your super power.

-Wakanda Forever-

-more Bid Whist hands coming soon-