Laura’s Sterling

AT&T’s lunchroom is filled with noisy laughter, less eating and more Bid Whist card playing.  It all starts 15 minutes before 12:00 noon.   Phone messages are broadcasted throughout 2800 Century Pkwy building in Atlanta.  ” We need a forth to play. ”  Laura and Joe are the first to show up, then, two & three more.   It’s almost enough for 2 tables.  The rotation is helped out by using 2 decks.  With one deck in use, the other is shuffled & set aside, ready to go.  Meanwhile, the games are quickly played.  If the hand is a laydown, no need to play every card.  We want to squeeze every ounce of lunchtime. It’s called Speed Bid Whist.

Laura’s 5NT is a Sterling example of the power of a positive attitude.

Guess what happens next?

Laura must make a decision whether to “go across country” or go to the rosy part of her hand.  In other words, she could pitch a low Spade just to distract or go for it … play Diamonds.  Counting 5 losers, Laura go for the squeeze.  By running Diamonds, the bad guys go into card protection mode. The good news, 3 suits are covered; the bad news is, she can’t go Clubbing.  Consequently, there’s a chance her partner holds a stopper in Clubs, and super-duper Spade Queen.  The poker girl in Laura says to toss a low Spade, and try to win books with her partner’s cards. To conceal the true quality of her hand, the poker face reveals no signs of weakness. Indeed, a girl gotta do, what a girl gotta do!

Wakanka Forever




E-Book Release

 It’s been said, in Bid Whist:

“Study Long, Study Wrong’

In other words, don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what to do.

  Go with your first thought!  It’s usually the right thing to do.

Releasing my e-book & new website on Halloween is special and meaningful to me for the following reasons:

  • October is my favorite month
  • I love Fall weather
  • I have a cousin nick-named Candy
  • I have a good friend born on Halloween
  • The entire nation gets to dress up, and walk around in costume on purpose without any excuses.
  • The whole day feels like a beautiful carnival

Begin today by having big fun!

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My Deal:

What is the first thing a player should do after receiving their cards?  The answer is count!   Whether you’re counting your cards in hand, points or counting on your partner, you must do some math.

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We Came To Play!

What is the point count in the following bridge hands.

Ace = 4    King = 3   Queen = 2   Jack = 1

Distributional Points:  Count Short Suits:

Void = 3    Singleton = 2    Doubleton = 1

15 to 16 points

18 points

10 points  – 2 doubletons are fake points–  Discuss with partner on strategy

13 HCP’s  plus 3 points = void

14 HCP’s -Discuss with partner about counting 2 doubletons

-maybe consider only Spade doubleton-

20 HCP’s and 2 points singleton