My Deal:

What is the first thing a player should do after receiving their cards?  The answer is count!   Whether you’re counting your cards in hand, points or counting on your partner, you must do some math.

Front Page

We Came To Play!

What is the point count in the following bridge hands.

Ace = 4    King = 3   Queen = 2   Jack = 1

Distributional Points:  Count Short Suits:

Void = 3    Singleton = 2    Doubleton = 1

15 to 16 points

18 points

10 points  – 2 doubletons are fake points–  Discuss with partner on strategy

13 HCP’s  plus 3 points = void

14 HCP’s -Discuss with partner about counting 2 doubletons

-maybe consider only Spade doubleton-

20 HCP’s and 2 points singleton


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